10 Ways to Manage the Symptoms of Menopause

MenopauseOur life goes through different stages but a women’s body undergoes different transformation periods with age. Yes, as women are blessed with the gift of child bearing that is why she has to undergo menstruation, childbirth and menopausal state. It is generally observed that people are more knowledgeable about the first two stages; menstruation starting in the puberty age and also well aware of the itty-gritty of child bearing process; but many are not very much aware of the menopausal state which is equally life changing for a women.
So if you are also one such person who want to increase your know how about this stage then this article is there to guide you.

Stay with us as we explore this stage in detail and help you in seeking the best way in managing the symptoms of menopause.

In case, you are wondering what is menopause!

As all the females are born with a limited count of eggs in her ovaries; Menopause is that stage where female body have released all the stored eggs inside and she won’t have her menstruation cycle again. It is one of the most painful stages of any women both physically and mentally as women aging from 45 to 50 they start facing menopause symptoms and become totally different in their personality and behaviour. In case, you are thinking that you are also going through this stage then you can check the below mentioned symptoms as these are very common symptoms that women faces while menopause.

Let’s find out what are the signs of menopause?
It is quite clear that when women face menopausal stage then there are many signs that will occur in her regular behaviour. Most commonly women don’t understand that what she is going through. Here are some of the common signs that every women faces during their menopause stage:

• Mood swings
• Unnecessary irritation
• Dryness in the vagina
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Forgetfulness
• Depression
• Missing periods

All of the above can also be taken as the early menopause symptoms because it is not sure that what type of symptom will occur at what stage. It totally depends on the individual that what symptoms will arise first than others.

Here, we bring you 10 ways that are really helpful for managing symptoms of menopause:

1. Hot Flashes – You should keep in mind that your hot flashes are coming frequently after some particular drinks such as coffee, beer, alcohol or they are coming because of stress or any other reasons. You can opt for acupuncture as it is most beneficial way to deal with hot flashes. You can also opt for particular exercises and Black Cohosh extract that is best and amazing way of dealing with this problem. If you are feeling extremely uncomfortable, you should consult your doctor for more information and suggestions for reducing hot flashes.

2. Managing Disturbed Sleeping Patterns – Frequent hot flashes can disturb your sleep because it might increase irritation and body sweat. You can opt for heavy flannels instead of your regular Pyjamas and place frozen peas under your pillow and rotate it time after time to give your face cool feeling. In case you like quilt then replace it with slim blanket for reducing high temperature.

3. Vaginal Dryness – It is the most problematic situation that women face during menopause stages. It makes sexual act painful but nowadays it is no longer a problem because there are many types of vaginal moisturizers and lubricants that are helpful for maintaining much needed moisture inside vagina.

4. Reduced Sexual Desire – During this period woman become very irritable and avoids having physical intimacy but this activity is very health-friendly because it maintains good blood flow into vagina and keeps it healthy. It is advisable that you should have lot of love making acts with your husband to maintain your vaginal health.

5. Acne Problem – It is most common problem that women faces while going through menopause but you can easily keep this problem away by using various face products that are not oil based. You can seek out moisturizer, face cleansers, sunscreen and other products that are helpful for removing acne.

6. Physical Activities – You should involve yourself in physical exercise in order to cure your hot flashes. Aerobics, dancing, swimming, walking all are really beneficial for reducing frequency of hot flashes. These activities are also helps in increasing muscle and bone health by repairing it easily.

7. Increased Cholesterol – Due to changes in hormones that are related with menopause can reverse the cholesterol levels and you will face high cholesterol problem. In order to maintain your body cholesterol levels you need to start taking low cholesterol and low fat diets.

Here, are some natural remedies for menopause that will help you in handling problem easily:

8. Stable and Balanced Diet – It is most important that you should follow particular foods that are beneficial in menopause. You should include fresh vegetables, multi grains, milk and other nutritious food items that will provide your body much needed help.

9. Seek Out Herbal Remedies – There are many herbal remedies and product stat help any symptoms of this stage. You can explore the natural and herbal solutions to alleviate your situation.

10. Include Fresh Fruits In Your Diet – You should include fruits such as oranges, apples, peach etc that are filled with the goodness of vitamin C, iron, calcium and other elements that are much needed in menopause stage.